LINE Creators Collaboration: Hatsune Miku & Piapro Characters Guidelines




• Create stickers that follow the Sticker Review Guidelines (

• Create stickers that let users express their feelings in new and original ways based on the canon of the IP.

• Draw characters in keeping with the official illustrations' designs.

• Create original illustrations (not copies of official artwork). You're free to use official artwork as a reference, but your illustrations must be original.

• Always treat the IP and its characters with respect in your depictions.


Eligible Characters

• Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Ren, Megurine Luka, MEIKO, KAITO

 - Characters can appear alone or together.

 - While derivative and fan-generated characters are not allowed, you can still include the following:







    Note: Designs and outfits seen in modules from the Project Diva series are NOT allowed.





• Create "double parodies" or imitations of other companies' or doujin circles' works, including through use of netspeak or code words.

• Violate another company or doujin circle's copyright by using its version or interpretation of a character or outfit. (Outfits and designs used in official illustrations are fine.)

 Example: Copying the Project Diva series' module designs

• Imitate other creators' character styles borrowed from other IPs.

• Create stickers from illustrations used in existing official merchandise.

• Create stickers that are conspicuously disrespectful or damaging to the IP or its characters.

  • Include excessively violent images.

  • Include adult content.

  • Force the IP's characters to express a personal opinion or philosophy.

  • Advertise content unrelated to the IP's characters.

• Publish your sticker images in fanzines or other media.

• Use sticker images for any commercial purpose other than the selling of merchandise.

• Create stickers that act as advertisements via their images, title, or text.

• Create stickers that mention any internet service, messenger app, or similar service other than LINE, or that include a character related to such a service.

• Create stickers that consist only of text.

• Create stickers that consist only of ASCII or Shift_JIS art.

• Feature outfits that deviate heavily from the original designs.

• Create stickers using MikuMikuDance (MMD).

• Include the text "Vocaloid," "ボーカロイド," or "ボカロ" anywhere in your stickers.

 (This is because Vocaloid is a registered trademark of Yamaha Corporation.)


 Note: Stickers already on sale that are later found to have violated any of the above rules may be removed from sale as a result.




Things to Remember

• Stickers may be rejected for failing to meet the collaboration requirements even if they otherwise pass the review guidelines.

 In such an event, please revise your stickers so that they meet the collection's requirements or uncheck the participation box and resubmit your stickers for review.

• This special collection is only open to creators based in Japan.

• The application period may end early based on the number of applicants.

• Name stickers, stickers intended for use by specific individuals, and photographic stickers are not allowed.

• Recycling your illustrations for use in an another sticker set is not allowed.

• Do not use the same illustration multiple times in the same sticker set.

(For example: Stickers that all feature the same text but with different characters.)


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