LINE@ Premium ID Terms of Service

The LINE@ Premium ID Terms of Service (the Terms of Service) set forth the terms and conditions for the use of the “Premium ID” service (the Premium ID Service), within the LINE@ service (the LINE@ Service) under license by LINE Corporation (LINE Corp.).

1. Application to Use the Premium ID Service
Customers who have entered into an agreement with LINE Corp. or LINE Plus Corporation and its affiliates (Plus) (collectively, LINE) to use the LINE@ Service may apply to use the Premium ID Service. When LINE accepts the application for the Premium ID Service from the Customer, the contract for use of the Premium ID Service (the Contract) is concluded among LINE Corp. as a service provider, Plus as a distributor, and the Customer as of such date (the Effective Date). The Contract will terminate automatically upon the termination or expiration of the Customer’s agreement for use of the LINE@ Service. 

2. Content of the Premium ID Service
2.1.   In the application to use the Premium ID Service, the Customer may specify the text that will be used as the Customer’s LINE@ ID (the Premium ID), provided that in the event that the specified text already is in use by another customer or includes words prohibited for use by LINE, the Customer may not use the specified text as the Customer’s Premium ID.  In such event, LINE will request that the Customer specify different text for the Customer’s Premium ID.
2.2.   The length of text that may be specified as the Premium ID is eighteen (18) characters. The following types of characters may be used in the text: English one-byte characters, periods (“.”), hyphens (“-“), and underscores (“_”). 
2.3.   The Customer may not use in the text of the Premium ID any expression that could create confusion by any third party, expression that infringes on the rights of any third party, or expression that is contrary to the public order or morals.  

3. Period of Use and Fees 
3.1.   The period of use for the Premium ID is the last day of the eleventh month from the Effective Date of the Customer’s Contract.  For example, if the Effective Date is December 21, 2014, the period of use for the Premium ID would be November 30, 2015.  
3.2.   If the Customer does not complete the procedures for canceling the Premium ID as specified by LINE prior to the end of the period of use as defined in Article 3.1 of the Terms of Service, the Customer’s Contract will be extended automatically by an additional one-year period. Subsequent periods of use will be extended automatically in the same manner. 
3.3.   The fees for use of the Premium ID are determined by Plus. The first annual fee is 24.00 US dollars and the annual fee for the second and each subsequent year is 12.00 US dollars. 
3.4.   Plus may change the fee schedule set forth in Article 3.2 of the Terms of Service by means of a public notification or direct notification to the Customer. 

4. Payment Method for Fees
Customers will choose a payment method when the Customer purchases the LINE@ Fee-based Service Plan. LINE will not issue receipts for the usage fees and please use the statement referred to here as proof of your payment.

5. Refunds
LINE will not refund fees that have been paid pursuant to Article 4 of the Terms of Service regardless of reason, provided that LINE will refund a prorated amount of the paid subscription fee to the Customer in the event that LINE terminate the Premium ID Service prior to the expiration of the Customer’s Contract pursuant to Article 3.1 of the Terms of Service in accordance with the amount of time remaining of the term of the Contract. 

6. Assignment or Transfer 
The Customer may not assign or transfer its rights in the Premium ID or its status under the Customer’s Contract to any third party without the prior written consent of LINE.  

7. Customer Responsibilities
7.1. In the event that a third party brings any claim or demand or initiates a lawsuit against LINE relating to the Customer’s use of the Premium ID Service, the Customer will take responsibility for such claim, demand, or lawsuit at its own expense.  
7.2. In the event that LINE incurs any damage (including attorney fees) relating to the Customer’s user of the Premium ID Service, the Customer will compensate LINE for such damage immediately.  

8. Termination or Suspensions
8.1. In the event that the Customer violates the Terms of Service, LINE may suspend the Customer’s use of the Premium ID without prior warning and/or terminate the Customer’s Contract.  LINE will not bear responsibility to the Customer for any damages that may occur due to the suspension of the Customer’s Use of the Premium ID or termination of the Contract pursuant to the preceding sentence.
8.2. For whatever reasons, when the Customer fails to pay the fees to LINE by the payment deadlines, the agreement between the Customer and LINE under the Terms of Service will be automatically terminated. LINE will not be responsible for any damages inflicted upon Customers caused by such termination.

9. Language, Governing Law, and Jurisdiction
The English version of this Terms of Service controls the interpretation of this Terms of Service. In the event of any discrepancy between the English version of this Terms of Service and its translation, it will be resolved in favor of the English version. The Terms of Service are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan, regardless of any principles of choice of law. The Tokyo District Court will be the competent court of first instance having exclusive jurisdiction over all disputes between LINE and the Customer relating to the Premium ID Service.  

10. Miscellaneous
Matters not provided for in the Terms of Service will be handled pursuant to the provisions of the LINE@ Terms and Conditions of Use.


Last updated on 17 March, 2017