LINE Notify Terms and Conditions of Use

1.     Service Provider
LINE Notify (“this Service”) is a service provided by LY Corporation (“the Company”) and the Company’s affiliates (collectively “the Group”). Through this website, users can perform applications related to this Service.

2.     Users
“Customers” as used in this TOU refers to corporations or individuals who have registered to this website. Even in instances when registering via a proxy, Customers shall bear all responsibility for the actions of said proxy. Customers shall also have been deemed to give consent to all the actions of said proxy.

3.     Consent to TOU, Etc.
Consent to this TOU and the User Data Policy (; collectively “TOU, Etc.”) is a prerequisite for applying to this Service via this website. Persons unwilling to consent to Terms of Service, Etc. should refrain from using this website.

4.     Method for Application to This Service
Prior to applying for this Service via this website, Customers’ information must be registered on this website. Customers shall represent and warrant to the Group that the information registered is true and correct. In instances where registered information is false, the Company reserves the right to immediately terminate the Customer’s use of the website and services provided by the Group without prior notice.

5.     LINE Notify Official Account
5.1     After completing Customer registration on this website, Customers shall be able to use this Service via a LINE Notify Official Account.
5.2     LINE Notify Official Account-related usage rights shall belong exclusively to the Customer. Customers may not transfer, lend or transfer by inheritance any usage rights related to the LINE Notify Official Account and this website to third parties.

6.     Privacy
6.1     The Company places the highest priority on Customers’ privacy.
6.2     The Company will use the personal information acquired via this website for identification, contacting, report reviewing, prevention of unauthorized use, improved usability of this Service and other services provided by the Company, creation of statistical data, and any other clerical processes necessary for this website and services provided by the Company. The handling of other privacy matters shall be in accordance with the LY Corporation Privacy Policy.
6.3     The Company will exercise the utmost care and attention regarding its security measures for the continued security of any and all Customer information.

7.     Prohibited Acts
Customers shall not engage in the following in relation to this website or this Service (collectively “this Website, Etc.”). If the Company determines that a Customer is using this Website, Etc. in violation of this TOU, the Company shall take measures it determines to be needed and appropriate.
7.1.1     Violating laws, court rulings, decisions or orders, or any other legally binding administrative measures.
7.1.2     Engaging in activities that may hinder public order or customs.
7.1.3     Performing actions that infringe on copyrights, trademarks, patents or any other intellectual property rights, rights to reputation, privacy rights, or any other legal or regulatory rights of the Company or third parties.
7.1.4     Using excessively violent or explicitly sexual expressions, expressions that could lead to discrimination based on race, nationality, religion, gender, social status or family lineage, expressions that evoke or promote suicide, self-injurious behavior, drug abuse, or any other anti-social content or expressions that give discomfort to others.
7.1.5     Engaging in activities that lead to the misrepresentation of the Company and/or a third party, or intentionally spreading false information.
7.1.6     Sharing profit with anti-social forces or providing other support.
7.1.7     Engaging in activities that lead to the illegal or improper collection, disclosure, or provision of others' personal information, registered information, user history, or the like.
7.1.8     Engaging in advertisement activities or sales promotion activities (except for those approved by the Company).
7.1.9     Engaging in activities that interfere with the servers and/or network systems used by this Website, Etc.; that abuse this Website, Etc. via bots, cheat tools, or other technological means; that deliberately use defects of this Website, Etc.; that include unreasonable inquires and/or undue claims towards the Group, and that interfere with the Company's operation of and other Customers’ use of this Website, Etc.
7.1.10     Engaging in activities such as sending messages indiscriminately to numerous users (except for those approved by the Company), or any other activities deemed to be spamming by the Company.
7.1.11     Engaging in criminal actions or activities that may be deemed criminal.
7.1.12     Engaging in activities that aid or encourage any activity stated in Articles 1 to 11 above.
7.1.13     Engaging in other activities that are deemed by the Company to be inappropriate.

8.     Responsibility of Customers
8.1     In the case where the Company has received a complaint, been charged, or received litigation from a third party due to a Customer’s use of this Service, said Customer shall be responsible for handling such claims at their own expense, and in no way inconvenience the Company.
8.2     In the case where the Company has suffered any type of loss/damage (including lawyer's fees) arising from a Customer’s use of this Service, said Customer shall immediately compensate the Company for said damages.

9.     Disclaimer
9.1     The Company does not expressly or implicitly guarantee that this Website, Etc. is free from de facto or legal flaws (including but not limited to flaws relating to stability, reliability, accuracy, integrity, effectiveness, or fitness for certain purposes, as well as security-related faults, errors, bugs, or rights infringements). The Company shall not be responsible for providing this Website, Etc. without such defects.
9.2     Customers shall be responsible for using this Website, Etc. at their own expense. The Company shall bear no responsibility for any actions (and resultant consequences) performed on this Website, Etc.
9.3     The Company shall not be responsible for any damages Customers may incur in relation to the use of this Website, Etc.

10.     Suspension and Termination of Use of LINE Notify
In the event of any of the items in Articles 1.1 to 1.4 applies to a Customer or the Company determines that there is a risk that any of the items in Articles 1.1 to 1.4. might apply to a Customer, t may suspend said Customer’s use of this Service without prior notice, or terminate the provision of this Service to said Customer. In the event that Customers incur any damages caused by the suspension or termination of the Customers’ use of this Service, the Company is not liable for such damages.
10.1.1     Violations of this TOU.
10.1.2     Use of this Service for improper purposes.
10.1.3     Where for reasons not caused by the Company, the Company is unable to contact Customers.
10.1.4     Where Customers have engaged in acts that are determined by the Company to be inappropriate.

11.     Notification and Contact
When providing notifications regarding this Website, Etc., the Company may use any method that it deems as appropriate, such as posting to an appropriate location within the website operated by the Company.

12.     Changes to This TOU
The Company shall be able to change this TOU at any time, without prior notice, when it has determined so necessary. Changes to this TOU shall take effect at the time of disclosure on this website, and Customers are deemed to have given their effective consent to the modified TOU via continued use of this Website, Etc.

13.      Standard Time
Dates and times used on this website shall, unless explicitly prescribed otherwise, be in Japanese Standard Time.

14.     Controlling Language
The controlling language of this TOU shall be the Japanese language, and in cases where there are differences in interpretation, the Japanese version of this TOU shall take precedent.

15.     Governing Law and Jurisdiction
This TOU shall be governed by the substantive laws of Japan. Disputes arising in relation to this TOU, or the use of this website or this Service, shall be the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court as the court of first instance.


Date of last update: October 1, 2023