LINE Tag Usage Guidelines

The LINE Tag Usage Guidelines (these “Guidelines”) set forth the basic rules regarding the use of LINE Tag provided by LY Corporation (the “Company”).


1. “External Website” means a website managed and operated by a third party other than the Company.
2. “LINE Tag” means the code for websites provided by the Company for the purpose of measuring visits and user behavior on an External Website.
3. “Installer” means a person who installs a LINE Tag on an External Website either by him/herself or through an agent, etc.
4. “User” means the end user who visits an External Website on which a LINE Tag has been installed.

Agreement to these Guidelines

1. The Installer may use the service provided through provision of LINE Tag (the “Service”) upon agreeing to these Guidelines.
2. By installing a LINE Tag on an External Website, the Installer is deemed to have agreed to these Guidelines.

Attribution of Rights

All rights pertaining to LINE Tag and the Service, etc. (including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks, patents, and other intellectual property rights) shall all be attributable to the Company or any third parties licensing to the Company’s use thereof.

Terms of Use

1. Provided that the terms of use set forth below are complied with, the Company consents to the Installer using the Service for the purposes prescribed by the Company such as performing advertising effect measurement and delivering retargeting ads by installing a LINE Tag on an External Website managed by the Installer and sending information such as actions taken by Users visiting such External Website to the Company.

2. Except when prescribed by the Company and in the manner prescribed thereby, the Installer shall not change, alter, duplicate, redistribute, create derivative works, or perform any other action on LINE Tags.

3. The Installer shall not use the Service for sending information from LINE Tags to the Company other than using the means or methods prescribed thereby.

4. The Installer shall not install any LINE Tags on an External Website that falls under the following. The Company has the right to make final decisions over whether an External Website falls under the following.
      a. External Websites that include excessively violent or explicitly sexual expressions, expressions that could lead to discrimination based on race, nationality, religion, gender, social status or family lineage, expressions that evoke or promote suicide, self-injurious behavior, drug abuse, or any other anti-social expressions;
      b. External Websites dedicated to meeting or dating previously unknown persons;
      c. External Websites that unlawfully acquire personal information or private information;
      d. External Websites that are generally deemed to be spam sites, such as those that only contain affiliate-related content, those that exist in order to lead visitors to a specific website, web scraping sites, or those that contain word salad;
      e. External Websites that perform actions that infringe on copyrights, trademarks, patents or any other intellectual property rights, rights to reputation, privacy rights, or any other rights granted by the law or contract of the Company or third parties; and
      f. External Websites that the Company otherwise deems inappropriate.

5. The Installer shall not use the Service in a state that may mislead visitors to believe that the Company officially endorses or supports the External Website.

6. The Company may acquire the following information from External Websites that use the Service:
  ・date and time that a User visited an External Website on which a LINE Tag has been installed using a browser;
  ・URL information and page title of an External Website on which a LINE Tag has been installed, as well as referral source URL information (referrer information);
  ・additional information, such as the site category, set for the External Website on which a LINE Tag has been installed;
  ・information on devices or browsers, such as user agents and IP addresses, that is used to visit an External Website; and
  ・the Company’s unique identifiers added to the browser.
  ・the user's phone numbers , email addresses , and external identifier information separately stipulated in the specifications (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Installer's Contact Information").
The Installer's Contact Information will be converted (hashed) before it is sent to the Company, unless otherwise specified by the Company in the specifications. The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused to the Installer as a result of such conversion.
Regardless of the purpose of use as stated in Paragraph 7, the Company will use the Installer's Contact Information sent to the Company only for the purpose of matching the data held by the Company. The user's phone numbers and e-mail addresses among the Installer's Contact Information delete it after the matching process is complete, except for the data originally held by the Company.

7. The Company will use the received data for the following purposes:
  ・measuring the effect of the Company’s advertising products and other marketing services and disclosing statistical data to the Installer;
  ・distributing the Installer’s ads in advertising products and other marketing services provided by the Company based on the Users’ visits and behavior on the External Website a LINE Tag has been installed;
  ・preventing misconduct that interferes with proper service provision; and
  ・improving targeting precision of advertising products and other marketing services provided by the Company and optimizing the system related to such marketing services; and.
  ・sharing with the Company’sbusiness partners.
In order to provide information even more in line with Users’ interests, the Company may also use the acquired information outlined in Paragraph 6 in association with such Users’ accounts. The Company will handle personal information in accordance with the LY Corporation Privacy Policy. See here for more details.

8. With regard to the collection, sharing, and use of the data made possible through using the Service, the Installer shall provide notices on the following matters (at the minimum), in a manner that stands out on the webpages on which a LINE Tag is used or at its link destinations, obtain the necessary consents (including the consent for the provision of personal data to a third party if such provision is applicable), and confirm that the Users’ consents have been obtained.
      (1) When using a third-party (including the Company) advertising products and other marketing services, information such as Users’ visits and behavior as outlined in Paragraph 6 may be collected by such third party from the External Website managed by the Installer on which a LINE Tag has been installed using cookies or other technology, and may be used for the purposes outlined in Paragraph 7.
      (2) Users can refuse having their collected visits and behavior used in future for the marketing services by using the opt-out procedure provided by the third party who provides advertising products and other marketing services.
      (3) Provide a link to the procedure for opting out.
The Installer shall also comply with the applicable laws (includingthe Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other laws, ordinances and guidelines regarding the handling of information)and shall bear responsibility for installing measures for providing considerations to Users as otherwise required by industry standards when using the Service.

9. If the Installer's Contact Information constitutes personally referable information for the Installer, the Installer must acknowledge in advance that the Company will handle the information the Installer sent in the following manner
      (1) Matching of personally referable information shall be conducted using only data held by the Company, for which the Company has obtained prior consent in advance to allow the Companyto acquire such Personal Data from the Individual.
      (2) The Company shall not acquire as personal data any personally referable information that could not be matched as stipulated in thepreceding item, and delete such personally referable information.

Setting of Cookie

The Installer may choose the measurement by first party cookie and local storage in addition to the measurement by third party cookie. If the Installer selects to add the measurement by first party cookie and local storage, the Company will set any arbitrary parameter to the URL provided by the Installer to the Company. The Installer consents to that the URL viewed by the User will be the URL in combination with such parameter and it is possible that there may be display errors etc., by such addition of parameters.

Service Modifications/Suspension

The Company, when it determines so necessary, may modify or suspend all or part of the Service, at any time without prior notice.

Responsibility of Installers

1. If the Company determines that an Installer is using the Service in violation of these Guidelines, the Company may suspend such Installer’s use of the Service and take other measures it determines to be necessary and appropriate. Provided, however, that the Company shall not bear any obligations to prevent or correct such violation.
2. In cases where the Company directly or indirectly suffers damage (including but not limited to incurring legal fees) due to an Installer’s use of the Service (including but not limited to cases where the Company receives complaints from a third party resulting from such usage), the Installer must immediately pay compensation in accordance with the demand made by the Company.

No Warranty/Liability

1. The Company does not guarantee, either explicitly or implicitly, that the Service is free from de facto or legal flaws (including but not limited to flaws relating to stability, reliability, accuracy, integrity, effectiveness, or fitness for certain purposes, as well as security-related faults, errors, bugs, or rights infringements). The Company shall not be responsible for providing the Service without such defects.
2. The Company shall not be responsible for any damages the Installer may incur as a result of using the Service.

Amendments to these Guidelines

The Company may amend these Guidelines at any time, without prior notice, when it has determined so necessary. Amendments to these Guidelines shall take effect from the time they are posted in an appropriate location on a website operated by the Company, and the Installer is deemed to have agreed to the amended Guidelines by continuing to use the Service after the amendment.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The governing language of these Guidelines shall be Japanese and it shall be governed by the laws of Japan. Any disputes between the Installer and the Company which may arise out of, in connection with, or in relation to the Service, shall be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court as the court of first instance.


Installers shall make inquiries regarding the Service to the Company through the contact form.

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