LINE Pay 隱私權附加條款

為支援連加網路商業股份有限公司及其在各國之關係企業(下稱「LINE Pay」)所提供之LINE Pay服務,無論該服務是以帳戶作為基礎(下稱「本服務」),LINE Corporation(下稱「LINE」、「我們」或「我們的」)採用LINE隱私權政策附加條款,以解釋我們如何處理LINE所取得、使用或分享的附加資訊。LINE Pay附加條款補充LINE隱私權政策之規定,LINE隱私權政策依然有效且亦適用於本附件條款所述之附加資訊。

LINE分享予LINE Pay之資訊
為提供並促進本服務,就本服務提供客戶支援並避免未經授權使用本服務,您同意LINE得將使用者為使用LINE APP所提供之下述資訊,提供予LINE Pay:客戶檔案資訊(僅包括使用者名稱、使用者帳號圖示(icon image),狀態訊息及LINE所提供之內部使用者ID)、好友資訊、電子郵件、電話號碼、註冊狀態及其註冊日期、國家資訊、停用日期、帳戶狀態、使用中之LINE軟體版本及裝置資訊。當您未註冊LINE Pay帳戶但使用本服務時,LINE將為前述目的,分享有限的客戶檔案資訊(內部使用者ID)及您的電話號碼予LINE。 當您要求LINE以您所提供的資料更正我們紀錄中您的個人資料時,LINE將以更正我們的紀錄為目的取得該些資料。為提供LINE Pay服務,確保使用者體驗不受影響,LINE亦會自動將該些資訊提供給LINE Pay,以更正LINE Pay之紀錄。 

LINE Pay分享予LINE之資訊
就LINE Pay分享予LINE之資訊,詳參LINE Pay隱私權政策。

LINE Pay隱私權附加條款之變更
我們得隨時修訂LINE Pay隱私權附加條款,以反映LINE Pay服務及相關法令之變更。
我們最近一次更新LINE Pay隱私權附加條款之日期為2015年10月15日。 
當我們就LINE Pay隱私權附加條款為任何重要變更時,將會以LINE App或其他合理的方式使您知悉。您可隨時自LINE App或我們的網站,直接取得我們的隱私權政策及LINE Pay隱私權附加條款。

LINE Pay Privacy Addendum

To support the LINE Pay service and whether or not such services are account based (the “Service”) provided by LINE BIZ+ Taiwan Limited and affiliated companies in various countries (“LINE Pay”), LINE Corporation (“LINE,” “we,” “us,” or “our”) has adopted this Addendum to LINE’s Privacy Policy to explain our handling of the additional information obtained, used, or shared by LINE.  The LINE Pay Addendum supplements the provisions of LINE’s Privacy Policy, which remain in effect and apply equally to the additional items of information described in this Addendum.

Information Shared by LINE to LINE Pay
You agree that in order to provide and facilitate our Service, to provide customer support with respect to our Service, and to prevent unauthorized use of our Service, LINE may provide LINE Pay with the following personal information that LINE collects when the user uses the LINE APP: customer profile information (includes only username, icon image, status message, and internal user ID supplied by LINE), friend information, email address, telephone number, registration status and its registration dates, country information, withdrawal dates, account status, LINE version in use, and device information. When you use the Services without a LINE Pay account, limited customer profile information (internal user ID) and your telephone number(s) are shared by LINE Corp for the aforementioned purposes.
When you submit a correction request to LINE requesting that LINE updates your personal information in our records according to the information submitted, LINE collects such personal information for the purpose of updating our records. LINE also automatically shares such personal information with LINE Pay for the purpose of updating LINE Pay’s records, so as to provide the LINE Pay services and to ensure a seamless user experience.

Information Shared by LINE Pay to LINE
Please refer to the LINE Pay Privacy Policy for details on the information shared by LINE Pay to LINE.

Changes to the LINE Pay Addendum
We may amend the LINE Pay Addendum from time to time to reflect changes to the LINE Pay service and relevant law and regulation.
The last time we updated the LINE Pay Addendum was October 21, 2015.
We will let you know when we make any important changes to the LINE Pay Addendum via the LINE App or by other reasonable means.
You can always access our Privacy Policy and LINE Pay Addendum directly in the LINE app and on our website.