LINE Pay Non-Member Credit Card Service Terms and Conditions




The LINE Pay Non-Member Credit Card Service Terms and Conditions (the "Agreement") is a contract between LINE Biz+ PTE. LTD., (Registration Number: 201413880D) a company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Singapore ("LINE Biz+") and any user (hereby referred to as "User" or "you") for the former's provision of the LINE Pay Non-Member Credit Card Service ("NMCC"). In the event that the NMCC is provided by any LINE Affiliate, then the Agreement shall constitute a contract between such LINE Affiliate and each User. The reference to "Company" or "we" shall be read as a reference to LINE Biz+ or the LINE Affiliate as the case may be. 


1. The NMCC enables Users to make a one-time payment using their credit card or debit card (collectively, "Credit Card") for transactions of Goods and Services conducted on [any of the] Platforms operated by Platform Operators, without Users having to log on to or register for a LINE Pay Account. In providing the NMCC, the Company operates solely as a payment service provider. Each User is able to send a payment order via the NMCC by completing all mandatory fields of information as requested in the relevant payment or checkout flows and clicking the respective payment button (for example "pay" or "continue"). Each time you send a payment order in the manner described herein via LINE's NMCC payment and checkout interface, you:


(a) accept and agree to be bound by this Agreement as well as any subsequent revisions and amendments hereto; 

(b) agree and consent to the Company, its representatives, agents and third parties providing services to it collecting, using and disclosing and sharing amongst themselves your Personal Information (as defined in the LINE Pay Privacy Policy) for the purposes of providing you the NMCC, and/or any other purposes described in the LINE Pay Privacy Policy; and

(c) authorise the Company to validate your Credit Card and upon such successful validation, charge your Credit Card for the relevant Transaction Amounts for the Goods and Services which you have used the NMCC service to effect payment for. Upon receiving such Transaction Amounts from your Credit Card issuing bank, the Company will then credit the same Transaction Amounts to the bank account of the Platform Operator which you have indicated as the recipient of the Transaction Amounts. 


2. You agree that once you submit a payment order in the manner described in clause 1 above, you may not revoke it or otherwise withdraw your consent and authorisation to our execution of your payment order sent via the NMCC. However, we have no obligation to execute your payment order if you do not have sufficient funds in your funding source or if we are unable to validate your Credit Card.


3. If you suspect or discover that (a) unauthorised payment orders have been sent via NMCC using your Credit Card without your permission, or (b) erroneous payments have been made with your Credit Card not due to errors made by you, you must notify the Company immediately by filling up the Problem Report Form accessible at  


4. If we determine that there has been a processing error made by us or our third party service providers, we will take steps to investigate and rectify any such error. However, if any erroneous transactions are due to errors made by you, your only recourse will be to contact the Platform Operator to whom you have used the NMCC to make payment to and ask them to refund the payment. The Company will not reimburse you or reverse a payment that you have made in error.


5. The User agrees that the Company is not a party to the transaction for sale and purchase of Goods and Services between the User and the Platform Operator(s). The relationship between the User and the Platform Operator(s) in terms of the rights and obligations in connection with the sale and provision of the Goods and Services which are the subjects of such transactions, the transaction methods and terms, the quality of the goods and services in question, and performance or non-performance of the transactions (including but not limited to refusal to perform, delay, non-delivery, defects, errors, return or replacement of goods and services, and refund) exist only between the User and the Platform Operator(s) and all disputes relating to the same between the User and the Platform Operator(s) should be referred to the relevant Platform Operator(s) and not the Company. All rights, obligations and liabilities with respect to such transactions shall be exercised, fulfilled and borne by the User and the Platform Operator(s) in accordance to the applicable laws and regulations and the terms of their agreements. The Company's provision of the NMCC shall not constitute an explicit or implied warranty or undertaking by the Company for the performance of any of such transactions. 


6. Unless otherwise defined or indicated in this Agreement (or where the context otherwise requires), all capitalised terms used in this Agreement shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the LINE Pay General Terms of Service ("General ToS") which may be accessed at This Agreement shall also incorporate mutatis mutandis, and to the extent applicable, the LINE Pay Privacy Policy as well as the following clauses found in the General ToS: clause 4.11 highlighting the Company's rights of action when Users make use of its services in an illegal fashion; clause 7 on Prohibited Activities; clauses 11.1 to 11.7 and 11.9 on No Warranties and Limitation of Liability which inter alia seeks to exclude the Company's liabilities in its provision of the NMCC; clause 12 on Suspension or Interruption of Service; and clauses 16.2 to 16.10 under Miscellaneous and General Terms, as may be amended from time to time, save that all references to "Terms" shall be replaced with a reference to "Agreement" and all references to "Services" shall be replaced with a reference to "NMCC". 


7. This Agreement and the relationship between you and the Company shall be governed by Singapore law. For complaints that cannot be resolved otherwise, you shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore.