Embedding modules of other companies


LY Corporation has embedded the modules of other companies to measure the effectiveness of advertising (for the purpose of advertisements of this service displayed in media of other companies), and to analyze how the service and ads have been used, or any other purposes necessary for the provision of LINE SHOPPING Service. The following are the modules embedded.


1.Google Maps SDK for Web Browser

Company:Google LLC

Type of data to be acquired: default map display, detailed display of location on the map, search result list matching place information.

Purpose of use:To determine the accurate pick-up location, to provide delivery services by third party partnered with LY Corporation or LINE Company (Thailand) Limited, to calculate the delivery costs based upon the pick-up location and the drop-off location.

Provision to third party: latitude/longitude of location, words used to search for location, language in communication.



It is recommended that the Purchaser must occasionally access to this webpage in order to read and check the terms and conditions of the other companies as specified hereinabove since such terms and conditions may be updated and/or revised thereafter from time to time. In other words, it is the Purchaser’s obligation to follow up the revision of the terms and conditions of the other companies, and LY Corporation will use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that the terms and conditions as specified above will be latest.


Date of Promulgation: 24 July 2023

Date of 1st Amendment: 1 October 2023