LINE MAN Merchant Review Policy

Latest update on May 31st, 2022

LINE MAN application is the leading platform that brings together restaurants and a wide variety of Merchants on the platform and responds to the needs of users of the LINE MAN application as much as possible. In this regard, the Company strives to provide users with information and impressions from sharing experiences and various services of restaurants and stores through the applications (“Merchant”) in the most useful, accurate, complete, and, first of all, fair for the benefit of the users and the Merchant that the Company gives precedence.

However, for sharing a fair experience with users and various Merchant on the platform, the Company recommends this Merchant Review Policy to achieve a consistent understanding. Please understand and abide by the following policies before sharing content on the LINE MAN application. If the users have already reviewed the store on the LINE MAN application, you are deemed to have read and understood the Company's Merchant Review Policy very well. It is considered as an intention to agree to and accept this policy without any objection.

1) General Guidelines

To review the Merchant on LINE MAN application, some principles must be adhered to for the experience to be shared on the LINE MAN application to be smooth and happy of the Merchant as follow:

1. Write in a friendly way

The Company welcomes language that is fun to read, friendly and encourages the imagination to see a clearer picture by choosing polite words and conveying positive meaning. The use of such wording and content must not be malicious or negatively refer to the person or harass others, and do not use vulgar, sarcastic, or inappropriate words.

2. Share honest review

The Company always emphasizes the sincerity of sharing experiences. Therefore, we want to hear real user stories, not what we hear from others or take content and opinions from other sources. We are not used to writing reviews, including not writing biased reviews for businesses of acquaintances or attacking other companies. Any text or images appearing in reviews should be text or images that come from the user himself, not text or images from other people to use in the review.

3. Share a review that is accurate and up-to-date

The Company encourages users to freely express opinions about various aspects of the Merchant and use of the service, sharing information related to food/drinks or products, menus, or writing a description of raw materials, procedures, cooking techniques but the information must be accurate, true and up-to-date without concealing or distorting which may cause misunderstandings and must not be a political issue or personal matter of the Merchant’s owner or others. 

4. Share a thoughtful review

Users’ content and messages on the LINE MAN application constitute the users’ opinions, whether intentional or not. Therefore, users are advised to think carefully before posting any content or comments and be mindful of the consequences.

5. Public relations content

Writing a good review shouldn't have any content promoting the Merchant or any product for commercial gain without sharing the experience of using restaurants or shops.

6. Illegal content

The Company will not tolerate and will not be aware of the writing of reviews that contain illegal content or may represent unlawful activities, such as a review intended to advertise an alcoholic beverage or product. or writing a review that is offensive to others in any manner likely to cause the other person to be dishonorable, insulted, or hated without expressing opinions or statements in good faith for fair criticism.

7. Fairness of Business

All users are free to express their opinions, but good reviews should not contain harsh words, profanity, or unreasonably low ratings for the Merchant, allegations against the Merchant’s employees or personnel or an invitation not to use a restaurant or a store and the reviews should be under the law without causing unreasonable trouble to the business.

2) Pictures

1. If the user attaches an image to be used for the review, it must be an image taken by the user himself, or the user has authority to use the picture. Using images from other websites or other users for their reviews is not allowed.

2. All photos must be consistent with the restaurant and store reviews. Images must only reflect the experience of using the service as a consumer, such as food, goods, packaging, etc.

3. Any use of photos unrelated to the Merchant or other people's pictures is deemed to be concealing or distorting of the information and may cause misunderstandings. Any damages or loss occur to the Company or any other person, the User shall be solely responsible for the damage incurred.

4. If the Company finds that your photo is an inappropriate image unrelated to the review content or the old picture or information, such as old price tags, food, or products that the shop is not currently selling, etc., the Company may delete the review without advance notice is required to update the information as up-to-date and accurate as possible and making it genuinely beneficial to the user.

3) Hiding and deleting reviews

For the orderliness of food and product reviews on the LINE MAN application, the Company will screen the reviews so that the review content in the system complies with this Merchant Review Policy. If any user's review falls within the scope of this Merchant Review Policy, the Company reserves the right to "temporarily hide the review" without prior notice for further investigation and will proceed the following measure; provided that, the Company will always notify users if they are asked to edit an inappropriate review, delete a review, or permanently hide a review:

1. Temporary Hiding of Reviews: The Company will temporarily hide the review to verify the information to prevent problems or miscommunication of information. If the review is not abnormal, the Company will automatically restore the study to the system. But if the check is contrary to any of the store review policies, the Company will inform the user of a reason to modify the review within 48 hours and report back to the Company to restore the study to the system.

2. Permanently hiding reviews: If the review content does not violate this Merchant Review Policy, but it is unreliable, such as being flagged as possibly ad masquerading or it is a review from the staff of the Merchant, this may cause the review information to be untrue to other users. The Company reserves the right to hide reviews permanently without prior notice to users before hiding reviews permanently.

3. Deleting a Review: If, after the Company has contacted the user, whose review be corrected within 48 hours, but no review has been edited or no correction has been notified to the Company, the Company reserves the right to delete the review by notifying the user in advance before the deletion with reasonable grounds when your review or photo is against this Merchant Review Policies.

The Company reserves the right not to delete or hide reviews that is not likely to violate this Merchant Review Policy in any case. However, if the Merchant wishes to disable the review feature or delete itself from the system for the necessity of the store itself, in that case, the Company reserves may delete all its reviews without notifying the user in advance.

4) Warnings, Penalties, and Bans on store reviews

For the happy coexistence of all users and stores and the orderliness of the reviews on the LINE MAN application, inappropriate behavior, such as dishonest, using unacceptable profanity, attacking, agitating, or creating divisions, with other users, Merchant, or staffs, should not be done, including multiple violations of any provision of this Merchant Review Policy. If the warning to the user has been made but such user still violate this Merchant Review Policy, the Company may ban users from the review feature for a reasonable period, depending on the sole discretion of the Company in each case, provide that, the Company will inform the banning, the reasonable ground, and the period of the banning to the user in advance. In this regard, the Company shall act appropriately with the most careful and deliberate manner.

1. Conflict between the Merchant and the user

Any conflict between the Merchant and the user caused by writing a review or a response that damages either party, whether intentionally or maliciously to any party or not, misrepresentation of information, etc., the Company welcome to help all users and the Merchant to find the facts before taking any action. But in the end, the Company reserves the right to consider such conflicts and decide on a solution for both parties and hope that users and the Merchant will respect the Company's decision, based on accuracy, fairness, and understanding. In this regard, the Company represent that the Company is not involved in the sale or service of the Merchant or the user reviews.


2. Conflicts between users

If there is any discrepancy between the users together caused by impolite words, attacks, intimidation, or any act that causes damage or discomfort to either party or in other cases. In that case, the Company is happy to help the user to check the facts before taking any action. Still, in the end, the Company reserves the right to consider such conflicts and decide on a solution for all parties and sincerely hopes that the user will respect the Company’s decision. The Company promises and warrants that the review will be based on accuracy, fairness, and understanding.

3. Conflicts between the users or Merchant and the Company

The Company always intends to provide the best for the users and the Merchant of LINE MAN application, and the Company has good intentions to take care of all users and the Merchant to use the Company's application happily. But suppose there is any operation of the group, any errors, or users have comments or feel that the Company did not work correctly. In that case, the Company welcomes all suggestions to develop a better application based on the accuracy of this Merchant Review Policy for all points mentioned earlier. The Company is willing to consider any decision, questions you have, or think that the Company is misoperation. The Company will rely on this Merchant Review Policy for every item mentioned before as the primary decision-making.

5) Limitation of Liability

As a provider of communication platforms, the Company is not liable for messages actions instead or any content written or shared by users. The Company has no duty to select, edit or monitor any content or message of any user which imported into the LINE MAN application or distributed through the inter-communication site. However, in its sole discretion, the Company reserves the right to remove, select, or modify any content imported to post or stored on the application at any time and for any reason without prior notice.

The Company is not responsible and has no liability for any content or reviews that users have written or shared on the LINE MAN application or for any loss or damage incurred, and the Company shall not be liable for any errors or omissions, defamation, slander, accusation, negligence, deception, obscene or any profanity that users, restaurant owners, store owners, or business owners may be seen on the LINE MAN application for any reason.

6) Contact us

If users or Merchant have questions about the Merchant reviews, have complaints against other users' reviews, or have problems with using the LINE MAN application, please contact the Company by email address at