These Terms and Conditions (”these Terms”) establish between creators and RABBIT- LINE Pay Company Limited(“the Company”) matters relating to the consignment of LINE Pay e-wallet top-up equivalent to received revenue shares (”this Service”) upon provision, by those creators using the LINE Creators Market provided by LINE Corporation who are LINE Pay e-wallet Account Holders, to the Company agency entitlements related to LINE Corporation’s payment to creators per Article 9 “Revenue Sharing” of the LINE Creators Market Terms and Conditions of Use.

Unless otherwise stated in these Terms, the definitions of each term shall be equivalent to those described in the Company’s LINE Pay General Terms of Services for LINE E-MONEY, LINE Corporation’s LINE Creators Market Terms and Conditions of Use or other related agreements (“Related Agreements, Etc.”). 

Article 1 Scope

1. This Service can only be used by creators as long as they are a LINE Pay e-wallet account Holder, and LINE Pay e-wallet account Holders shall not be able to use this service in such cases where they have lost their account, or have violated Related Agreements, Etc.  
2. Through actual utilization of this Service, creators are deemed to have provided their effective and irrevocable consent to these Terms. 
3. This is limited to creators in Thailand. 

Article 2 Granting of Agency Entitlements, Etc.

1. Creators, in addition to granting to the Company agency entitlements related to the payment from LINE Corporation of revenue shares per Article 9 “Revenue Sharing” of the LINE Creators Market Terms and Conditions of Use, shall also request top-up to the LINE Pay e-wallet Account of the creator, per the method prescribed by the Company. 
2. Upon using this Service, creators must strictly manage the passwords for the LINE Creators Market and LINE Pay Services. The Company shall deem all acts conducted using the registered password to have been conducted by the creator himself.

Article 3 Commission
1. The Company shall be able to make a claim for the Company’s prescribed commissions to creators who have used this Service. 
2. In cases where withdrawing from LINE Pay e-wallet account after converting to cash, the remainder—after subtracting the Company’s prescribed withdrawal fees and the equivalent consumption taxes thereof—shall be deposited as cash to the bank account specified by the creator. When using this Service, withdrawal commissions shall apply for each withdrawal.

Article 4 Creators’ Responsibilities 

1. Creators shall use this Service under their own responsibility and at their own expense, and shall bear all responsibility for any acts performed under this Service and the results thereof.
2. If the Company determines that the creator is using this Service in violation of these Terms, the Company shall take measures it determines to be needed and appropriate. However, the Company shall not bear any obligation to prevent or correct the violation.
3. In cases where the Company directly or indirectly suffers damage (including the burden for legal fees) due to the usage of this Service by Creators (including instances where the Company receives complaints from a third party resulting from that usage), Creators must immediately pay compensation in accordance to the request made by the Company. 

Article 5 Obligation of KYC

1. In connection with the Company’s obligations under the anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing laws and “know your customer” requirements, the Company may require creators to provide information and documentations, if suspicious transaction is detected. 
2. If any payment transaction meets the criteria of KYC requirements, the Company will proceed KYC process prior to make such volume transfer to confirm creators’ identity.

Article 6 Service Limitation 

1. The Company shall allow exceeding limitation of standard e-wallet balance (49,999THB) exceptionally for the creators who passed the KYC process. However, if the creators’ e-wallet exceeds limitation of standard e-wallet balance, additional top-up through other channels shall not be allowed.
2. In case of withdrawal from LINE Pay e-wallet account, the upper limit for withdrawals shall be 2,000,000 THB per each transaction.

Article 7 Termination of Provision of This Service 

1. Creators shall bear obligations detailed in these Terms and Related Agreements, Etc. on the behalf of the Company in relation to this Service. If the Company reasonably determines that a creator has violated these Terms or Related Agreements, Etc., it shall be able to conclude provision of this Service without advance notice, and even in the rare case where this causes damage to the creator, the Company shall bear no obligation to compensate this. 
2. The Company shall be able to modify or suspend provision of this Service and related services, in whole or in part, at any when it has determined so necessary, upon notifying creators in advance according to the prior determined method prescribed by the Company.

Article 8 Changes to/Abolishment of This Agreement 

The Company shall be able to change this Policy at any time, without prior notice to creators, when it has determined so necessary. Changes to these Terms shall take effect from the time they are posted in an appropriate location specified by the Company, and creators are deemed to have provided their effective and irrevocable consent to these changed Terms by continuing to use this Service after the changes have been implemented. 

Article 9 Applicable Terms and Conditions of Use, Etc.

This Service shall form a part of the LINE Pay Services, and matters not prescribed in this policy shall be in accordance with LINE Pay Privacy Policy and other Terms and Conditions of Use prescribed by the Company.

In any instance where there is conflict between the Original Agreement and these Terms, these Terms shall take precedent.