Terms of Use for LINE Business ID

This webpage is provided for login authentication for your use of various services provided by LINE Corporation and/or its Affiliate (collectively, “LINE Group”) (“LINE Services”) by your e-mail addresses or LINE account (collectively, “LINE Business ID”). Affiliate shall mean any domestic or foreign entity which is controlled by, or under the common control with LINE Corporation. After login by using LINE Business ID, you need to separately agree to terms and use set forth by LINE for each of LINE Services.

This login authentication service is provided by LINE Group. “LINE Terms and Conditions of Use” ( shall apply to or shall apply mutatis mutandis to your login authentication hereunder.
LINE Group may use your e-mail addresses obtained hereby and internal identifiers provided by us to you for the purpose of login authentication for LINE Services, customer services for LINE Services and sending important notices to you. Such e-mail addresses and internal identifiers may be commonly used by and within LINE Group and administrated by LINE Corporation. The terms not specifically set forth herein shall be subject to the terms of LINE privacy policy(

Please be advised that e-mail addresses are provided by third party e-mail service provider to you and LINE Group is not related to and not provider of such e-mail addresses.