1. General Condition

A Seller hereby fully acknowledges and agrees that MyShop or LINE SHOPPING (hereinafter referred to as the “Service Provider”) is an owner, a developer, and an operator of the service as a mere platform for facilitating the Seller to offer sale of goods/merchandise to a Purchaser whereby the Service Provider does not have any obligation in connection with delivery of the goods/merchandise and/or any other operation in relation to goods/merchandises. In this regard, the Seller will take action on his/her own behalf and the delivery service shall be subject to terms and conditions of use for delivery service by third party proposed by the Service Provider. Thus, please keep in mind that when the Purchaser buys the goods/merchandises in LINE SHOPPING, the Seller shall directly contact a specific courier to pick up the goods/merchandise and deliver to the Purchaser. For clarity, the Service Provider will not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred as a result of the delivery of the goods/merchandises and/or any action of the Seller in any event.


2.1 For the usage of the delivery service by a third party, the Seller shall carefully read and understand terms and conditions of delivery service by a third party as it might affect your rights and obligations. Should you disagree to any terms and conditions for a specific delivery service as selected, please do not continue to use such service.

2.2 In the event that the Seller has chosen on of the delivery methods as proposed by the Service Provider, it shall be deemed that you have agreed to the terms and conditions of delivery service by the third party immediately, except for the Service Provider states otherwise in these terms.

2.3 Please find terms and conditions of delivery service by third parties as follows:
      (1) The Seller must strictly comply with terms and conditions for the delivery service by LINE MAN Messenger to the fullest extent applicable to the usage of this service. For more details of the terms and conditions, please kindly visit this Link.
       Specific Terms

       - For the provision of the LINE MAN Messenger service option, the Seller shall accurately pin the pick-up location on the Google Map provided by the Service Provider in order for the Seller and LINE MAN (Thailand) Company Limited to acknowledge where the Seller’s goods are actually located first in every time. In this respect, the location information that the Seller has specified will be shared between the Service Provider and Google LLC whereby the Seller shall comply with Google Maps terms and conditions of service strictly.
       - Please note that the maximum weight of the parcel that the LINE MAN Messenger can deliver shall not exceed 15 kg. and the dimensions of the parcel shall not exceed 40x40x40 cm. If the weight and/or the dimension of the parcel exceeds the specified requirement, the Seller shall ship the goods by other means.

          In the case where the Seller intentionally or negligently misidentifies or fails to identify the weight of the goods in the MyShop system or in the event that the package exceeds the stated threshold causing the deliveryman not to deliver the goods or causing additional costs, the Seller shall be solely and fully responsible to the Purchaser in all cases.

        - Please note that for the usage of the delivery service by LINE MAN Messenger via LINE SHOPPING service, the Seller shall be obliged to call the deliveryman to pick up the goods/merchandise at the pick-up place as specified by the Seller so as to deliver it at the drop-off address as the Purchaser notified to the Seller only.
        - In the case where the Seller cannot call the deliveryman to deliver the purchased goods/merchandise after the Purchaser has already selected the delivery service by a third party and made a payment, the Seller shall forthwith notify the Purchaser and return the paid delivery fee to the Purchaser respectively unless the Seller and the Purchaser agree otherwise.

        - In the event that the Seller calls the deliveryman, and the delivery cost is higher than the fee as previously paid by the Purchaser, the Seller and/or LINE MAN (Thailand) Company Limited (in case of responsibility on behalf of the Seller) shall be solely responsible for any additional delivery fee incurred in full. Nevertheless, in the event that the Purchaser has given the wrong drop-off address to the Seller, and the Purchaser requests the Seller to deliver the goods/merchandise at the new drop-off address thereafter, the Purchaser will pay the additional delivery costs incurred to the deliveryman.

        - For the good experience in using such service, the Seller should: (1) contact the Purchaser when the Purchaser choose this service; (2) answer the Purchaser’s inquires in order to estimate whether the Seller can call the deliveryman immediately or not; or (3) answer to enquires about other matters in relation to the delivery.

        - When the Seller can call the deliveryman, the Seller can track the delivery status via your MyShop back-end system or your account in the LINE MAN Application.

        - When the Purchaser requests to cancel the LINE MAN Messenger service and notifies the Seller, the Seller has its sole discretion to deny or approve of such request as deemed appropriate.

        - In the event that the Seller has already used the LINE MAN Messenger service, it is deemed that the Seller acknowledges the privacy policy of LINE MAN (Thailand) Company Limited.

Communication between the purchaser, the seller & THE DELIVERY SERVICE PROVIDER

The Service Provider encourages the Purchaser, the Seller, and the delivery service provider to communicate with each other in the case of any problem of delivery. Since the Service Provider is only a ‘platform service provider’ for the Seller to offer of sale of the goods/merchandises, the Seller should directly contact the Purchaser and/or the delivery service provider if there is any problem in relation to the delivery of the product being purchased.


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Announcement Date: 24 July 2023

Effective Date: 2 August 2023